Natural disinfestation of bedbugs

  • Tox-Free treatment is able to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs without using insecticides.
  • Tox-Free is a high heat “Steam Disinfector” that produces a superheated dry steam discharged at temperatures up to 180° C.
  • Tox-Free eliminates bed bugs by heat shock for a permanent disinfestation.
  • The dry, superheated steam of Tox-Free can be used on almost any surface or fabric and can also be directed into the most hidden corners hardest to treat and nesting areas.
  • This system is the very latest pesticide free technology, there is simply no other system available in the industry as effective.
  • Zero post treatment vent or downtime as with regular pesticide based treatments to residential properties or Hotels, saving time and money for our Clients.
Non Toxic Bedbug Treatment